Total Cost Management Nuclear Construction (TCM NC)
TCM NC system is a set of methods, processes and resources established within the framework of the management bodies and IT-systems used in the management of the investment and construction projects for creation of strategic assets in Rosatom's project portfolio.
“The construction of nuclear power plants abroad is a high value-added export revenue source. Building long-term strategic relations with each partner country is essential during the construction of overseas nuclear power plants.”

Sergej Kirienko, first Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, Chairman of Rosatom Supervisory Board
“The toughening of global marketplace competition is a huge challenge for Rosatom. In order to respond to it, and continue receiving orders and generating profit, we need to work towards fulfilling the second strategic objective - improving all processes effectiveness and, thus, achieve cost reduction and shortening of production time”.

Aleksej Lihachyov, general Director of Rosatom State Corporation
“We are designing a system that will allow us to effectively assess, control and manage the implementation processes of facilities not only in Russia, but also abroad. We clearly understand that one-size-fits-all approach is not a solution, that is why we will adjust our system to international use, and make it understandable for overseas investors and customers”.

Aleksandr Lokshin, first Deputy Director General for Operations Management at Rosatom
“We have to map the process of project management to investors: how much the project costs, how we are going to manage it and what are the risks, uncertainties. The investor should have every confidence that we are able to carry out risk assessment, and know how to avoid it, so that the investor will get high return on investment. Moreover, we ourselves must learn to exactly calculate the production cost in order to have clear cost estimates, not forecasts”.

Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investments CAPEX, Supervision & Statutory Expert, Assessment Director of State Corporation Rosatom
“TCM standard and TCM NC methodology are based on an integrated model. They are integrated into the project. So when we specify the input data, we can see the strategic asset management scheme, control points and their relationship. Those who manage to work through these basic processes and link them to the corporate culture will get the most out of it”.

Julie Owen, the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International President
“We try to bring together best practices of foreign and domestic companies to create a project management model, which will be implemented at the federal level. It is necessary to clearly differentiate between process and project activities, and then connect these levels with each other, keeping in mind the organization of the supporting processes”.

Andrey Badin, Deputy Director of Project Management Department of the Government of the Russian Federation
“Human capital resources determine the success of TCM NC system. In order to implement the system in a complex technological construction facility, you need a highly qualified team of managers. And we have such a core team in Rosatom. Significant efforts are being put in the system methodology development and forming a set of local regulations, which will become cost engineers "Bible”.

Oscar Mignone, The IAEA expert
“It is better to spend more time on project development and evaluation of its cost, have a feeling of “uncertainty” and make allow for unexpected circumstances, than after all deal with unpleasant surprises at the stage of construction. That's sort of point: you make a lot of decisions and they go hand in hand with a price range that you are gradually narrowing, moving from one stage to another”.

Alexander Rodriguez, President of the AACE International, Portugal Section, Director of PMO-Projects Portugal
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