About TCM NC
Program key goal:
Improving the efficiency of the investment projects portfolio management for the nuclear facilities construction in the Russian Federation and abroad
Program objectives:
- improving the planning accuracy and cost control efficiency of the nuclear facility construction
- risk management of cost and time overrun for the nuclear facilities construction
TCM NC SYSTEM is a set of methods, processes and resources established within the framework of the management bodies and IT-systems used in the management of the investment and construction projects for creation of strategic assets in Rosatom's project portfolio.

Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Supervision and State Expertise of Rosatom State Corporation, Director of the TCM NC Program:
The Digital Economy program, developed at the instruction of President Vladimir Putin, goes into high gear. Thanks to the IT solution development, it is now possible to assess the implementation of geographically-distributed projects in real time with the use of audio and video conferences. In the future, we are planing to monitor construction cost of Rosatom's key assets online.
Digital technologies implementation will allow participants of the nuclear industry investment and construction projects to effectively assess, control and manage the total cost of facilities construction, and as a result to successfully meet the global challenges relating to the increased amount of overseas construction projects. We consider TCM NC as one of the main innovations, used in Rosatom's international projects, that will let the investors see a broad picture of project management in the form of sound and credible cost estimates, based on reliable information with forecasts of achievement of project key events.

Process control model of strategic asset management throughout the system's life cycle, digital platform for capital investment management of the Corporation, as well as collaboration of the system's participants.


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