Implementation of the TCM NC System

The effective performance of all TCM NC system components is impossible without a systematic and structured implementation of TCM NC into the management system of ROSATOM and its subsidiaries, as well as into nuclear construction projects.

The principal goals of TCM NC system implementation in the organizations involved in nuclear construction projects are as follows:

  • implementation of TCM NC system processes;
  • performance of the necessary structural changes in the organizations;
  • development of the necessary competencies among the organization’s personnel;
  • commissioning into continuous commercial operation of TCM NC Information System including subsystems of cost estimating, cost planning and control.

These goals are achievable only with the collaboration of all industry organizations involved in nuclear facilities construction projects.

The program and project principles for the administration of the work for implementation of the TCM NC system taking into account the breakdown of responsibilities for implementation and performance of TCM NC processes were used for structuring the participants’ activities, these principles are based on the following:

  • identification of key stakeholders for the programs / projects to be implemented;
  • establishment of the project teams for each nuclear facilities construction project that include managers and key specialists from the organizations involved in the nuclear facilities construction projects;
  • development of the charter and road map for implementation TCM NC implementation program/project;
  • establishment of TCM NC project offices for coordination of the work;
  • development of the motivation mechanism for the participants and stakeholders engaged in the implementation;
  • adoption of local regulations on implementation of the industry-wide TCM NC methodology requirements in these organizations.

In adoption of local regulations on implementation of the sectoral TCM NC methodology requirements the organizations involved in the nuclear facilities construction projects shall draw up the diagrams of TCM NC processes. Diagrams based on the industry TCM NC methodology adapted to specific features of a particular nuclear facilities construction project, and idiosyncrasies of the project management structure.

The functional-role matrices

On the basis of the diagrams that are coordinated by the project participants of the nuclear construction processes the participants develop the functional-role matrices for each nuclear construction project that include:

  • TCM NC processes structured by the various steps in the process, containing the inputs and outcomes as well as schedules for the steps and processes;
  • subdivisions of the organizations involved in construction projects that are incorporated within the organizational structure of the nuclear facilities construction project management;
  • roles in the TCM NC Information System that are necessary for implementation of the process steps in the TCM NC IS.

The responsibility assignment matrix shall be agreed upon by all participants of the construction project and approved by each company in an appropriate order.

Given an approved responsibility assignment matrix in each organization that is involved in the construction project, the following activities have been completed:

  • revision of methodological documents applicable within the organization considering the approved responsibility assignment matrix;
  • implementation of the necessary structural changes (establishment of subdivisions, introduction of changes into provisions on departments, and job descriptions);
  • identification of the need in professional development for personnel. Training program on using TCM NC system is implemented;
  • identification of the required number of licenses for the TCM NC system;
  • customization of the TCM NC system;
  • commissioning the TCM NC system;
  • ROSATOM specialists audit the results of the TCM NC implementation.