29 January 2020

A Practical Implementation of TCM NC Program in 2020 Was Discussed in Nizhny Novgorod

A Practical Implementation of TCM NC Program in 2020 Was Discussed in Nizhny Novgorod

A TCM NC meeting session for heads of nuclear facilities constructions took place in Nizhny Novgorod on 24 January.

The major goals of the meeting session were to familiarize project managers with principles, approaches and methodology of the TCM NC information system, to give a practical demonstration of the system, as well as to obtain feedback from the participants of the seminar for the further system's development and improvement.

The representatives of OCKS Rosatom, TCM NC project office, heads of ASE EC JSC, Joint Design Institute, including heads of NPP construction projects, and other key employees took part in the event.

Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Supervision and State Expertise of State Corporation Rosatom started the meeting: «TCM NC is a truly unique program, based on the input method, will allow to manage costs of a construction project throughout its life cycle. Our system is designed for complex large-scale projects. Today many companies contact us to introduce the TCM NC system at their enterprises both in Russia and abroad. This year we have to adapt it to a packaged solution and share the experience with other companies and in other projects.»

Alexander Lokshin, First Deputy Director General for Operations Management of Rosatom State Corporation, delivered welcoming remarks: «The task for 2020 is to implement the TCM NC system in specific projects. At today's meeting session, we have to work out clear practical solutions that will help towards the attainment of the goal.»

Nikolai Vikhansky, Vice President for Capital Construction at ASE EC JSC, presented achievements in implementing the program in 2019 and outlined the key objectives of TCM NC introduction in Rooppur NPP, El Dabaa NPP, Paks II NPP, Uzbek NPP construction projects this year: «The interoperability of TCM NC remains one of the main objectives of the program implementation. It is also necessary to synchronize it with the «Quality Assurance of Design» software, to form a database on the cost of resources in the Russian Federation and abroad, and to start an active engaging of employees».

Victor Glushko, Head of TCM NC Program, listed the main challenges the system faces: «Like any other information system, TCM NC needs the right source data. Today our system has revealed a range of complexities including: absence of consolidated construction schedules, clashes with contract terms in project solutions, necessary reference books and classifiers are not used, actual data are not loaded. This year we have a lot of work to do to clear up all the problems in existing business processes and to ensure practical application of TCM NC in construction projects.»

The meeting session participants were able to take a closer look at main processes of TCM NC – «Market pricing and Monitoring the Cost of Construction Resources», «Estimating Construction Costs for NPP», «Budgeting and Cost Control for Construction of NPP Facilities». ASE EC JSC and OCKS major experts shared their accumulated experience and knowledge.

On a teamwork basis, the participants discussed the most hot-button topics and developed a detailed plan for the system implementation not only in NPP construction projects, but also at ASE EC JSC and JDI. On the basis of the results of such work the team leaders presented their proposals for the improvement of the system and its implementation plans to Alexander Lokshin, First Deputy Director General for Operations Management.

«To solve all these tasks, we need concerted efforts of all participants of the NPP construction process, and our team is well aware that the total cost management of our construction projects is one of the key issues in strengthen the Rosatom State Corporation position as a global technology leader.» – said Mr. Lokshin.