16 April 2021

The TCM NC team has developed the «system of fast project solutions’ cost evaluation» and its methodology

The TCM NC team has developed the «system of fast project solutions’ cost evaluation» and its methodology

New inventions arranged by Rosatom CEMCP’s TCM NC team make it now possible to get the information about project’s technical solutions’ costs, total projects’ costs, as well as to adopt the most effective design solutions based on cost data, automate the process of provision of these cost values at the design phase.

The TCM NC team has faced an ambitious task: formation of the system of fast project solutions’ cost evaluation. This task was assigned by the first deputy general director, director of development and international business division in Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Mr. Kirill Komarov. The TCM NC team has successfully implemented this job.

Team specialists have resolved a number of issues during implementing this project.

In particular, they have evaluated two projects of NPP erection in Europe: Hanhikivi 1 NPP (Finland) and Paksi-II NPP (Hungary).

The task to quickly evaluate the costs of Hanhikivi 1 and Paksi-II NPPs’ erection was complicated by the fact that it was the first time when it was required to quickly collect all available current data on technical, regulatory, economic, and organizational aspects of construction projects. The task was also complicated by the fact that evaluation shall have been carried out within the period between estimations of 3rd and 4th class. Meanwhile, it was not permitted to stop all current processes of engineering, licensing, and procurements.

8 industry organizations were engaged in this project under the guidance of the TCM NC team provided by Rosatom’s CEMCP. Those were the following: EC «ASE», JSC; REIN, JSC; RAOS Project, JSC; ATOMPROEKT, JSC; Atomenergomash, JSC; RASU, JSC; Rusatom-Service, JSC; Concern Rosenergoatom, JSC; and a number of Rosatom’s sub-divisions.

There were collected and analyzed dozens of resource items, thousands of cost estimates, hundreds of contracts and additional agreements. Hundreds of calculations and comparisons have been implemented.

Estimation results were accepted by managing director of RAOS Project, JSC, Mr. G.V. Gromov (Hanhikivi 1 NPP) and senior vice-president of EC ASE, JSC, Mr. A.B. Khazin (Paksi-II NPP) and provided to the leadership of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation for review and acceptance of construction.

As per implemented job results there will be prepared activity plans, which will allow optimizing cost indicators of projects (Hanhikivi 1 NPP and Paksi-II NPP) as much as possible. These cost indicators include actualization of contractors’ negotiating diagrams, application of effective construction methods, and organization of site works.

Optimization of Paksi-II NPP construction project

Within the works on optimization of technical solutions referring to Paksi-II NPP construction and in order to reduce project costs, the working group has analyzed all opportunities with consideration of both new and existing technical solutions taken at the finished construction projects. In compliance with these results there was arranged the package of optimized solutions to be examined in details with the Hungarian customer and regulator in 2021 as per approved plan.

There was developed the methodology and IT-system of quick evaluation of project solution costs, which was integrated with IT engineering systems, including the ТСМ NC system.

Apart from construction costs’ evaluation, there was developed the methodological base: the Concept of quick project solutions’ cost evaluation to be used at engineering phase. The working group has determined the effective method to evaluate the cost of project solutions through the use of digital bills of quantities (DBOQ) based on the integration of engineering systems, engineering data management systems and ТСМ NC module «Cost evaluation».

The Concept was accepted by all project members and approved by ТСМ NC program director. In 2021 it is planned to arrange the model of data streams referring to quick evaluation of project solutions based on the DBOQ technology. It is also planned to develop the technical assignment with reference to information system and other jobs.

Experience of implemented cost evaluation findings will be integrated into the industrial ТСМ NC system. This will provide new opportunities to the leadership of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation in order to manage NPP construction costs.